Birdhouse Live

by Birdhouse

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Recorded live on Santa Cruz Community Television on 11/11/11
photo by Blake Goodmacher


released December 22, 2011

Daniel Talamantes: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Evan Penza: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Chris McIntyre: Bass
Jeff Wilson: Drums



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Birdhouse Santa Cruz, California

Formed in 2010, Birdhouse is a group of creative song-writers, poets, and composers that capture the California sound with youthful energy and force. The band has recorded two EP's, a live album and has shared the stage with bands like Melvin Seals & Jerry Garcia Band, The Mother Hips, Jackie Green, The Wooden Sky, Father John Misty (Fleet Foxes), OAR, Gomez, and many other bands. ... more

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Track Name: Broken Drum
It's six o clock
she hangs a frown
grabs my waist
asks do you really
have to go?

I said I'm sorry dear
if i had to lives
lived two places at once
make time unfold

I'll be home soon

It's twelve o clock
I take the city bus
to meet her downtown
all the streetlights
confuse the stars.

Ocean street
looks like a ghost town tonight
she climbs from the bar
and it's like the cities ours

she runs to me
Track Name: Turpentine Wine
well the garden burns there within his song
it guides a melody so lost and wrong
here in shades of faith, soft and long
they paint the clouds still turning him on
when the soldier feels no reason
falls to the trenches of his dreams
through minefields all alone
a losing faith it seems

it's a crooked way to dance,
on turpentine wine

well some days just losin' their beauties grin
autumns lips lean so thin
and the breath you knew, don't know where it's been
in solitude you think of him
who's the soldier, the true soldier
it's a wilderness of wolves and thieves
burn it down, soul disruption
corruption of ash in the leaves

and there is a truth there within the heart
sun of son, begging to start
rough winds teasing the buds of May
yet never once did you lose your way
as the soldier wanders downtown
in a uniform of lights
advancing, advancing
advancing into night
Track Name: Dizzy
now refuse to fall
take her hand
or wait for her to call

pearls of god
whisper her name
sober this city fog

I was once so proud
diffuse me
she holds me like a cloud

pearls of god
whisper her name
sober this city fog
Track Name: Unveil the Song
I don't do much these days
but cast that perfect sunset
molding hearts out of clay
why won't you see me
exploding into colors
just enough to set you free

don't let the walls hold you back
you got so much to live for
disposition holds you back
that tuscan sky like a flag
don't hold back all your colors
there is nothing that you'll lack
Track Name: Sound and the Fury
Caddy fixed the dark into his eyes
said "I'm leaving without goodbyes"
Quinten fell right into his heart
no words to choose, and nowhere to start
Benjy bit the wall and threw the years
with no words to express through tears
Land of the bull, the broken blues
toss of the coin but you know you'll lose

Buzzards sail like clouds outside
Mother is in her room where she slowly dies

It's too late to say goodbye
It's too late to say goodbye

Benjy found them out drenched by the moon
they confessed it could never be true
Father sold the land to pay the mind
Benjy cried yet mother must unwind
Quinten wrote those letters to his grave
condemned a life he could never save
Caddy married wrong to some foreign seed
it was premature and it must concede

Mercy and guilt govern this town
It sailed in through the west and captured all the sound

"You know I won't be around.
You know I won't be around."

"You're gambling never saved a thing
the market's done and no seasons bring!
You can follow me down, if you choose,
you can follow me down, you know you'll lose!"
Quinten sits forever beneath foreign light
water bids him his last lullaby
Caddy sits forever by his grave,
condemning a life she could never save

"They say a flower grows on every mile.
The sound and the fury last a while!

"Remember how you smiled...
remember how you smile."